Find out all you need to know about learning here, including the theory of learning,
learning technologies, and tips for creating great learning materials and programmes

Learning Cycles

This video explores the stages within the learning cycle which must be met to maximise the effectiveness of learning.

Blended Learning

This video defines ‘blended learning’ and highlights the benefits of adopting blended learning when designing programmes.

Webinars & Virtual Classrooms

This video describes the differences between an online webinar and virtual online classroom to help you build the best solution into your learning programme.


This video demystifies the term ‘gamification’ in learning and provides tips to implementing it for the first time.

Interactive Videos

This video explores what is meant by an ‘Interactive video’ and how its use can change a one-way conversation video into an engaging piece of learning.


This video highlights the features of audio and video podcasts and provides example use cases for building into learning programmes.

Social Learning

This video explains the term ‘Social Learning’ and provides tips on how to create a social learning culture.

Content Delivery Platforms

This video introduces the wide range of platforms available to deliver learning content, whether that be videos, elearning, assessments or other types of content.

Micro and Macro Learning

This video highlights the features of Micro and Macro learning formats and provides example use cases to help determine their optimum usage.

Workplace Learning

This video looks at the changing landscape of workplace learning and suggests use cases for different formats of learning.


In this age of digital content, workshops still have an important role to play. This video explains why and includes tips to maximise the effectiveness of workshops.

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