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Heathrow flies high to empower employees.


Heathrow is the main international travel hub in the UK with a vision of providing passengers with the best airport service in the world. In normal times it services over 80 million passengers, handles 1.7 million tonnes of cargo. and coordinates over 470,000 flights each year.

It works with 84 different airlines and supports flights to 203 destinations across 84 countries. Based in the UK it employs over 6,000 people.


Heathrow Airport needed a self-serve online solution for Line Manager development, aligning with its digital strategy to address shortfalls in workshop training and home, hybrid and on-site working scenarios.

time cost copy

Current instructor-led programme shortfalls included: time-consuming, costly, learners not always available for scheduled events

people not allowed copy

On-going people development required in the midst of a pandemic, where physical gatherings were not allowed

document important

Disconnect between Line Manager training and policy documents and guidance, creating inefficiency and uncertainty when dealing with people performance

core part copy

Lack of simple, easily accessible materials for Managers to recap at the point of need


Implemented in the midst of a global pandemic, we designed and built a digital self-serve toolkit for Managers, addressing the programme needs of four unique learner journeys along with instant mobile access to hints and tips for manager support.

Wide ranging management topics

Content aligned to Heathrow Airport’s core vision and values to embed messaging and drive required behaviours

Uniquely structured – introduction videos, digital interactions, business scenarios, compliance testing, digital resources covering 28 critical Line Manager topics

All content designed for access on mobile devices – the main Line Manager tool


Designing and building a digital toolkit, combined with a programme of structured onboarding has transformed Heathrow’s approach to Manager training. Enabling new ways of working for remote, hybrid and on-site teams and aligning with Heathrow’s digital strategy to transform the future design and delivery of large-scale projects.

pipeline opportunities achieved copy

Alignment with Heathrow Airport’s digital strategy and an early example demonstrating best-practice techniques

building house copy

Opportunity to learn more about how Managers access and use digital content in their new working environments – home, hybrid, office

calendar copy

Line Managers learn at their own pace and have access to reminders leading to quicker and consistent manager decisions

time cost copy

Reduced delivery cost and freeing time to support the Line Mangers in new innovative ways

Matching it to the values made it easy to follow and understand the values more
…it can be done anywhere at any time was most useful and completed on a phone!
User friendly and quick access, perfect fit for my role!
…feel more comfortable and knowledgeable on being a manager
Clear and helpful videos and guides


tablet and mobile copy

Our ability to translate Heathrow Airport’s challenge and vision across a diverse set of management topics, into a practical, self-serve digital solution.


Our expertise with authoring tools including Articulate Rise and strong creative capability to ensure brand compliance and engaging content.

agility copy

The team’s agility to work within short timescales and with a disparate Heathrow Airport team during the pandemic lockdowns.