Immersing Vodafone sales in customer scenarios to stimulate engagement with customers and help build sales pipeline.



Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa. It develops a range of leading products and services to connect customers and help build digital societies of the future.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term given to the way that everything can be connected together, such as vehicles, retail cabinets, home utilities and manufacturing equipment. Vodafone is a global leader in delivering Internet of Things (IoT) services, ranked no 1 on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the last 8 years.


IoT can deliver automation and value-add services across all industry sectors and the opportunities are huge. Analysys Mason predicts a growth from 1.8 billion connected devices today to 6.2 billion in 2030. For sales professionals, it is often seen as a specialist and complex area and does not naturally become part of a customer conversation, missing out on opportunities.

speech bubble conversations missed

Sales professionals focus on simpler solutions and miss conversations where IoT can help

pipeline opportunities missed copy

Sales pipeline opportunities are missed

lack of awareness

A lack of awareness of Vodafone’s leading IoT position, reduces opportunities to build credibility


Amphigean created a suite of highly engaging, bite sized modules, to immerse Account Managers, Business Development Managers and Marketeers in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), driving better, focussed customer conversations to help build sales pipeline.


Four immersive modules covering the market, product portfolio, technology demystification, vertical use cases and customer engagement
Eight verticals included: Agriculture, Energy and Utilities, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail, Transport and logistics, Smart cities, and healthcare
Market dynamics and use cases delivered through succinct explanations and visuals, short animated videos, music, sound effects and graphics, along with embedded live-action videos


A game-changer for IoT sales enablement, building confidence, more IoT conversations and increased IoT sales pipeline.

thumb up

Uplift in confidence enabling more focussed customer conversations


Shortened sales cycles through quicker recognition of challenges addressed by IoT

iot toolkt

Establishing IoT as a natural component of the Vodafone solution toolkit.

…provides real examples of how our products and solutions have been applied to our customers across different verticals
…will have a large impact on those new to the organisation with onboarding
…provides a refresh on the product stack to uncover and identify new opportunities in their accounts
Thanks Amphigean for another great piece of work



We understand how to explain technical solutions and the value proposition to all learner types to achieve outcomes for business.


Our history and experience of working on IoT and all other business-to-business communications products, minimises the resources required of Vodafone on the project.


Our graphic design and content build delivers highly-engaging, immersive content, fully aligned to Vodafone’s brand.

instructional design

We apply instructional design to create engaging programmes, easy to consume, and which have an impact on sales behaviour.