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Industry primers

We simplify the complex, no matter what the industry sector, and deliver learning modules and digital content which builds confidence in your team and new recruits.

We focus on the What? Where? and Why? rather than the How does it work? and create engaging content which gives people the confidence to talk to peers, customers and suppliers about complex or new subjects and technology, without having to sit through a course and get lost along the way.

Products and services

We support your Product Managers, Marketing teams and Sales staff with product knowledge in readiness for a successful launch, and ongoing updates once in-life.

Our success lies in our rapid comprehension of product knowledge and our ability to translate it into bite-sized content focusing on the key customer benefits, along with a deeper understanding for more technically-minded staff. We deliver a full suite of product training, guides and marketing collaterals.

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Sales and support

We are unique in delivering specialist sales programmes that incorporate product knowledge and solution selling, and we train 1st, 2nd and 3rd-line support agents to effectively handle issues.

We train your direct and indirect channels how to sell complicated solutions – whether that’s in telesales, business development, retention or pre-sales – maximizing sales and upsell/cross sell opportunities. And, through hands-on practice we deal with support ticketing, customer dialogue and troubleshooting.

Processes, forms and portals

We help employees navigate the maze of processes and procedures that must be implemented to ensure the smooth running of everyday life in the work place.

We unpick your processes and procedures, explain them in simple ways and show you how to use tools and online portals. Whether it’s signing up new customers, placing an order, logging a fault, or ensuring your staff are operating to industry standards, we can help you improve productivity and efficiency.

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Install and user guides

We are experienced in creating install and user guides to accelerate the install process and ensure that your customers quickly benefit from the capability of new products and services.

We often take in-house guides which are poorly worded and graphically designed and transform them into ones which are simple, effective and work. Formats can be online, digital or more traditional step-by-step guides. Equally, we can create guides from scratch from the simplest of briefs.

Learning programmes

We are expert in instructional design and create learning programmes which use best-practice techniques to embed learning and deliver exceptional results.

We listen to your requirements, understand your objectives and build programmes of learning to best suit your organization. We consider the number of learners, their locations, their learning styles, your learning culture, and deliver a tailored programme to meet your timescales and match your budget.

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