Redgate Software streamlines onboarding with programme of digital content.


Redgate Software is the leading provider of software solutions for Compliant Database DevOps. It has specialised in database software for over 20 years, and 91% of the Fortune 100 companies use their tools.

Headquartered in Cambridge, it also has offices in Pasadena and Austin in the US, as well as Brisbane and Berlin.


Redgate Software needed to train new starters efficiently and effectively, so that they can engage with customers quickly to build the sales pipeline.

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Rapid growth and recruitment needs onboarding which is self-serve to cater for new recruits starting on an ad hoc basis

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Technology topics are very technical, taking up resources of time-short engineers, with a high cost for training delivery

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New starts have to wait to join a larger group for onboarding training, making a poor start to the employee lifecycle


Amphigean reverse engineered the ‘technical’ onboarding to create bite-sized, easy to consume, digital content suitable for sales onboarding and other roles throughout the organisation.


Focussed on demystifying the technology - Software development, Computing, DevOps, Databases
Emphasis placed on the 'need to know' without the 'nice to know', to provide focus and relevance
Innovative combination of new animated videos, Redgate Academy videos and links to YouTube, infographics, and quizzes
Utilised the Redgate authoring tool to enable the sales enablement function to update content with ease


A self-serve onboarding programme, supporting dynamic and large-scale recruitment, easily updated by internal teams.

reduced time

Reduced training time from 2 hours to 30 minutes for each topic

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New starters benefit from learning from the outset and feel valued and supported

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Engineers’ time freed to focus on business-critical product development

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Development costs minimised by utilising existing and external training assets

“I am delighted with the high-quality of content produced by Amphigean and the agility with which they work. Their knowledge of technology, learning and development, and sales enablement is a unique mix and means that they can seamlessly integrate with the enablement team here at Redgate. Their team of experienced sales trainers has also helped embed and change behaviour in support of a number of strategic changes, requiring a different approach to customer engagement.

I would highly recommend them for any form of digital or blended learning solution, be that for product launches, onboarding or sales enablement.”


Steve Catchpole

Global Sales Enablement Manager



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Our ability to make the complex simple to ensure technical subjects can be easily understood by all roles.

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Our extensive background in technical subjects and assisting organisations involved in technology minimised the resources Redgate had to input into the project.

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Our knowledge and experience of creating engaging content in Lessonly (Redgate’s authoring tool) meant Redgate could rely on us for the end-to-end solution.


The existing and ongoing relationship between Amphigean and Redgate software means established processes and efficient collaboration.