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Virgin Media Business rapidly connects with dramatic impact of digital, technical onboarding.

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Virgin Media Business is a provider of full-service communications, covering everything from connectivity and applications, to security and cloud services, across organisations of all sizes and across all sectors.

When new services are sold for connectivity, field service teams install the equipment on customer premises and then a team of highly specialised engineers configure the network and equipment to deliver a robust service to the customer.


Virgin Media Business needed a solution which can onboard new engineers more quickly with less cost, improving ROI, reducing opportunity costs, and speeding up customer connections.


The team was about to expand significantly to cope with a surge in connections, but without a structured onboarding programme


Configuration tasks are complex, lengthy processes, using multiple tools which cannot be learned using traditional means

calendar no time

Experienced engineers are busy on configuration tasks with little availability to train new recruits

time cost

Training and onboarding times are long, meaning that building a new team incurs high costs with a later return on investment



Amphigean delivered a structured, digital, self-serve learning journey providing explanations of technology, processes and how-to videos of highly complex processes, designed with easy access for quick recaps.

18 x interactive learning modules covering the configuration of Ethernet Connectivity for Dedicated Internet Access, IP-VPN and SD-WAN circuits
All included tasks like job pick up, prepare, perform configuration, remove and repurpose, to cover the wide range of job scenarios
Modules structured to build confidence and competence – technology, process, configuration scenarios, how to complete the task using 11 different tools
subject matter
Subject Matter Expert recorded ‘how to…’ videos and narration, re-engineered and rebuilt, creating 42 short, highly-focussed videos embedded in the learning modules


Significantly reduced the time required of senior engineers, and expedited the training of new engineers, delivering a higher volume of connections in a shorter timeframe.

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Senior engineers able to focus on configuration tasks and perform a coaching role for new recruits rather than delivering training

reduced time

Onboarding timescales significantly reduced from 3 months to 6 weeks, adding value to the team earlier and improving the ROI


A programme of self-serve modules suitable for new engineers starting at any time and for recap, meaning new starts do not have to wait for training

thumb up

An overall better onboarding experience for new engineers scored 88% with no detractors


Consistent level of foundation knowledge across all engineers

The best engineer training I have ever seen.
…a complete knowledge base useful to recall anytime.



Our agile approach to content design and project management, critical to fit with SME availability

time cost

Our knowledge of Virgin Media Business products and services reduced the time and cost of development

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Amphigean’s technical capability meant that processes were understood, reducing development time, calls on SME time, and any re-work

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The team’s expertise in creating highly focussed ‘how to…’ videos from static screen shots, writing succinct scripts and rebuilding with agency voices