Extending their international reach through the provision of highly engaging self-serve digital learning covering the complex rules and procedures of international trade.



The Institute of Export & International Trade (IoE&IT) was established 85 years ago to support UK and global businesses in growing their international trade in overseas markets. It empowers organisations and equips individuals with the expertise to trade effectively, sustainably and competitively. It provides education and training to professionalise the UK’s international traders.

It works alongside the UK government and delivers national and international programmes, acting as evangelists for the UK and establishing UK processes and standards globally.

The IOE&IT is the world’s leading export and international trade advocacy organisation, consulting and lobbying on behalf of businesses and stakeholders.

It also co-runs the online Customs Academy, dedicated to customs skills and developed at the request of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).


The IoE&IT’s experience and expertise are in huge demand, particularly with the ongoing changes resulting from Brexit. Since Covid, the delivery of its renowned 1-day focussed training workshops has been online utilising expert facilitators and specialists in international trade.

The global industry of international trade is moving rapidly to a fully digitised process, utilising online platforms to simplify and improve the efficiency of import and export processes. For this reason, the IoE&IT wanted to transform its training model to add digital self-serve options to its portfolio. This will offer:

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An increase in international reach

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Time-flexible options allowing professionals to learn at their own pace

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Learning on the go available on laptops, tablets and mobile devices


Amphigean is creating a suite of digital self-serve versions of the IoE&IT’s 1-day workshops which will be available from the Institute on a subscription basis. The project covers over 20 workshops and over 120 hours of learning. The content uses a range of digital techniques to bring the content to life and engage the learner.



Photographs, video clips, videos, and activities aligned to job roles immerse the learner in the content and enhance the learning process.


The modules which make up each course are kept bite-sized to facilitate the learning of time-short professionals and maintain concentration and engagement.

Guide to electric motor export from the UK


Activities are built into the modules to reinforce the learning and provide opportunities for practice. These are either fully embedded or combine the use of ‘offline’ activities with support and feedback being given from within the modules.



Succinct summaries of key learning points are presented as infographics, perfect for use at the point of need in the workplace for quick reminders or use as a checklist.


A comprehensive suite of digital courses to broaden the Institute’s offer to a global audience.

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Increased global reach

instructional design

Addressing the need for digital transformation

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Improved accessibility for geographically dispersed and time short professionals

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The basis of a future catalogue of bite-sized digital resource for the sector

It has been a delight to work with Amphigean as our partner to develop our suite of digital training courses, the development journey demonstrated both professionalism and integrity and instilled much confidence in us in their abilities to deliver on point. The IOE&IT are excited about launching this series of innovative products which we believe are unique in the international training space.

The Institute of Export & International Trade


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Our creativity and ability to immerse learners in the content as demonstrated in the initial pitch and throughout the project

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Our ability to take complex topics, rules and procedures and simplify them to make them easy to follow


Our graphic design and content build delivering highly engaging, immersive content, fully aligned to the Institute’s brand


Our knowledge and breadth of experience working in the learning and development sector and fully embracing the potential of digital content