Woodland fires spark innovation

It’s been a while, but at last the Amphigean team met for our regular innovation workshop and team activities in September. 

Held at the historic, 300-year old, Quaker Meeting House Rookhow, between Coniston and Lake Windermere, this venue provided unique surroundings to clear the minds and think afresh. 

We secured the use of the Meeting House and extensive woodland where there are plenty of areas for breakout groups, including a number of large fire pits, which despite the sunny day, were lit throughout the day. 

The theme focussed around the design of a ‘learning journey’. We looked at how we can best build an engaging learning programme using a variety of bite-sized resources that can also be used for quick reference at the point of need. 

Bryan Strange, Creative Director at Amphigean, led the sessions. Each of three teams were given a different customer scenario where a programme of learning had been identified to respond to a specific business objective. 

Each team consisted of a mix of instructional design, authoring, and graphic design expertise, ensuring that cross-pollination of ideas and capability were achieved.  

As well as designing the overall programme, the teams had to delve deeper and explain how individual elements would be structured and delivered. There were no restrictions, the focus wasn’t on the technology supporting the techniques, but rather what would embed the learning in the best possible way. 

“The day worked really well, with some impressive solutions being developed. That’s the benefit of using diverse teams to generate the ideas. I was particularly impressed with the number of new techniques that we can now apply to our learning design projects”
Bryan Strange, Creative Director  

As always, the quarterly Amphigean innovation workshop was topped off with a restaurant visit and team activity – this time a Thai meal and a day trip to the Westmoreland County Show.