Making a connection with Marston’s Telecoms

Marston’s Telecoms was created in 2008, originally providing services to its parent company, the popular brewer Marston’s PLC. Marston’s PLC needed to improve communications between its UK wide pub network, breweries, and head office in a cost effective way. As a result, it has successfully established its own private telecoms company, and transformed both its estate and data/telephony infrastructure. Since then, Marston’s Telecoms has rapidly evolved, with technologies including Broadband, Ethernet, Hosted VoIP, Carrier Services, Private WANs, and Wi-Fi for business customers. 

Now that the company finds itself with a high capacity, high tech, fibre optic network, it has begun to offer leading-edge connectivity solutions to customers at attractive prices. When Amphigean met Marston’s, they expressed an interest in how we could help them with marketing collateral to advertise their excellent network. After further dialogue, we established that their key objective was to create content that combined the warm style of the traditional brewing arm, with the sophisticated and modern face of Marston’s Telecoms. We knew we could assist because we specialise in delivering high impact digital content, providing bespoke solutions to suit any company’s needs. 

After liaising closely with Marston’s Telecoms to further clarify their requirements, we created a promotional video that outlined their remarkable journey from a Burton-on-Trent brewery in 1834, to a national franchise with a carrier-grade MPLS network offering best in business class communications solutions. The animated video is front and centre on Marston’s Telecoms’ website: It is helping to drive traffic to the sales team and stimulate interest in the range of services the company provides. The project required a diverse set of skills from our graphic designers, from sketching and paint work, to the building of the video itself.  

We were pleased with the solution that we provided for Marston’s Telecoms, and this was reinforced by the feedback they gave us.  

“We were delighted to meet up with the team from Marston’s Telecoms and help them with this requirement. Their story is somewhat unique and it was an interesting project to create the right balance between the traditional Marston’s brand and the new look of Marston’s Telecoms.”

Pete Simpson, Managing Director