Keeping ahead of Coronavirus

In these uncertain times, we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to protect our employees and customers, and to share how we can help keep your organisation active, despite the challenges of limited or no travel, and of social isolation.  

It’s certainly business-as-usual here at Amphigean. As of Monday, we’ll all be working from our home offices, rather than our office in Kendal. We can do this very easily because we work in the cloud and we embrace the digital technologies that support our business operations. We’re also used to working in an agile and productive way, with online customer calls being the norm. So, from Monday we’ll be ceasing physical customer meetings to help protect our customers and our employees. 

This in no way affects our ability to communicate with you when you need us, and that equally applies to our overseas customers who expect us to be available outside of UK hours. In fact, our experience with digital content, and the speed with which we can produce it, may help you deliver the messaging or training that you’d normally do face-to-face. 

At Amphigean, we can quickly: 
– create an online version of your workshop materials for delivery as webinars or online programmes 
– provide and host your webinars and online meetings if you don’t have your own platform 
– deliver your messages and learning in different ways with online digital modules 
– help you adapt your training strategy to one of innovative online delivery 

So, let’s continue to keep ahead of the coronavirus by embracing online collaboration and innovative solutions to help our organisations prosper. 

– Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director