Amphigean enters new dimension

At Amphigean we are constantly looking at ways we can enhance what we do, so that we are able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

As part of this, we have begun to integrate 3D technology into our digital content, which is already achieving notable results in learning programmes. The 3D capability enables content to be more interactive and immersive, and therefore more engaging for learners than traditional material.

Moreover, this kind of dynamic learning can be applied to any industry that we work in, whether telecoms, retail, or across the public sector. In getting closer to the real-life environment of each vertical, we are able to produce eye-catching virtual worlds that grab the attention.

Amphigean now produces a range of visual learning content, from clickable infographics and expandable images, to interactive 3D objects and short videos. These have the advantage of producing a short burst of targeted information in a simplified manner, allowing users to gain an immediate and functional overview at a glance.

Visualisations make it much easier to explain complex ideas and evidence suggests that visual learning tools bolster learners’ memory retention, due to their aesthetic appeal and how easy they are to revisit. Their highly sharable nature means that a good infographic or interactive guide can work as an advertising tool as much as a learning aid.

We at Amphigean specialise in making the complex simple, collating all data before streamlining it into its most essential elements. Then we focus on working out the best way to communicate that information visually, in a way that flows logically and tells a compelling narrative.

3D learning materials invariably require more resources, and so it is important that they are developed in line with a coherent learning strategy. We have no doubt that the extra investment required more than pays for itself, increasing the ROI of training and creating high impact content for large audiences across any device.

“This really is a step change within our creative capability. We are already discussing potential projects with our clients and are excited about seeing the results in action. 3D capability helps to build and deliver our strategy of embracing new techniques and technologies to continue to enhance the ROI we can offer to clients,” Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director.

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director.

Amphigean exhibited at the CIPD annual conference in Manchester on 6-7 November, and we enjoyed explaining our 3D capability in more detail there.