We support Product Managers and marketing teams to test new services, develop messaging and create training programmes for all teams in readiness for launch.


Our success lies in our rapid comprehension of product knowledge then translating it into straightforward product training for sales and support channels. We work closely with product, marketing, support and technical teams throughout product development, adapting to the cyclical process of product development, and often test the services or products ourselves. This enables us to embed learning and development within the product development team, ensuring their training content is tested and ready to roll out in time to prepare sales channels for launch. We cover:

  • Digital content and face-to-face workshops addressing strategy, technology and proposition
  • Workshops on all aspects of sales, from landscape to pitching and closing deals
  • Client Action Plans to fine tune the approach to real life prospects

Facilitator was excellent. Highly engaging and very effective. Highly recommended.

Having stepped away from this and now coming back to it reading and watching everything, I completely get the proposition. Good work!

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