We help employees navigate the maze of processes and procedures that must be implemented to ensure the smooth running of everyday life in the work place.

The internal workings of an organisation can be extremely complex, involving a multitude of processes and procedures that must be maintained and adhered to for productivity and compliance. We can take you through all relevant legislation, from health and safety and human resources, to quality standards, product compliance and information security. Whether it’s signing up new customers, recruiting staff, or ensuring your staff are carrying out services according to industry rules and regulations, whatever the process is, we can tailor-make an easy to follow guide, using:

  • Explainer videos, which can be animated and interactive
  • Digital content, incorporating scenarios with tests and assessments
  • Interactive PDFs and documents with embedded videos

Comprehensive but easy to understand. Definitely a must for all employees across the business. Great work by the team who put this together!

Engaging workshop format with good case studies and examples.

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