Enabled Sales Channels

We deliver specialist sales programmes that incorporate product knowledge and embed a consultative approach to selling in a real-life context.


Sales channels processes can be a minefield, particularly in converged markets, where multiple components are combined in one package, and contractual or commercial factors must be considered when features are added or removed. We train our customers’ direct and indirect channels how to sell complicated solutions, providing examples relevant to their role, whether that’s in telesales, business development, enterprise or pre-sales. Courses blend strategy, technology and product knowledge, and may include:

  • Digital content and face-to-face workshops to embed best-practice consultative selling techniques
  • Client Action Plans to fine tune the approach to real life prospects
  • Assessments throughout and formal certification classroom-based sessions to provide context and enable learners to practice and apply knowledge relevant to their role

I thought this course was brilliant…I have a much better understanding of the propositions now and how to sell to our customers. Thanks!

Great application how to understand pain points for businesses and how to mirror solutions to them and justify their trust in us and potential returns.

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