Empower sales channels

We assimilate knowledge easily and are skilled in the requirements of 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support,
so we’re well-equipped to deliver learning modules and hands-on workshops in preparation for the launch of new products and services.


Whenever there’s a launch it is not enough to prepare and train the sales and pre-sales channels. Once live, customers need support to help configure the service or product and deal with any changes or other issue that may occur. We have vast experience of learning and development in this area and consult Product Managers and Customer Support experts to ensure our programmes reflect the issues most likely to be encountered. Focusing on topics such as ticketing, customer dialogue and troubleshooting, our training solutions feature practical examples and critical processes, so that learners know how to:

  • Provide effective support
  • Identify issues easily and capture appropriate data
  • Resolve service issues within Service Level Agreements

Verbatim feedback from delegates and managers I’ve spoken to has been really positive, so thank you

Loved the insight into faults as a lot of partners don’t understand why we ask for the detail we do…this gives reasons why and quite in-depth. Also explains all the different reasons it can be

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