Demystify technology

We are experts in demystifing technology and transferring knowledge to teams who need to know what it is, where it’s used, and why.


Amphigean gives people the confidence to talk to peers, customers and suppliers about technology without having to sit through a technical course and get lost along the way. We’re often told we are unique in our ability to do this. The key elements we use to demystify complex subjects are:

  • 2-3 minute TechLite* video
  • Self-guided elearning modules to consolidate learning, for LMS or intranet
  • Engaging and interactive webinars or
    classroom-based sessions to provide context and enable learners to practice and apply knowledge relevant to their role

*Our extensive catalogue of 2-3 minute TechLite videos are specially developed for building confidence and for quick recaps, and are divided into “technology families” to help you identify which would best support your needs. The MPEG4 format means they can be played and embedded into most platforms.

Excellent way of illustration, engaging, motivating and much fun and benefits

Very well organised and presented – basic terminology well explained.

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