Develop and deliver programmes

We are rapid content developers using easily accessible tools, with a brilliant team of trainers and facilitators who use best-practice techniques to embed learning.


Our programmes of learning are created to best suit learner needs and the objectives to be achieved. For example, we may use videos followed up with interactive digital content to consolidate knowledge, then workshops or engaging classroom sessions to put it into practice.  We give customers access to our rapid development tools to reduce timescales and make updating content easy. Content is developed for:

  • Interactive digital content for guided self-study, which can be SCORM compliant ready for delivery via a Learning Management System
  • Short demystificiation videos which can be played on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Webinars, comprising short, live sessions delivered online, and can be recorded for later reference

I am really loving this idea. Not read it all in detail but I love the concept!

Really like this – had really good feedback from around the business on your training plan!

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