Amphigean strongly recommends a micro-learning approach to most training programmes.
Often, customers want to run training campaigns, launched quickly, adapted on the fly, with comprehensive yet simple reporting and the ability to embrace gamification and competition throughout their learning community.

That’s where Amphigean can help with its cloud-based micro-learning platform, suitable for use
on Android and Apple smartphones.

Gamification Platform

Register Activities

An area where individuals can log tasks that they have done as evidence of completion or compliance and for which they can be awarded points

Brand Academy

An area where individuals can access bite-sized
learning content and quizzes


An area into which Push notifications are delivered to announce new campaigns and programmes

The application is developed by our Partner, Mevo Norway AS, to stimulate learning by delivering bite-sized content that is easy to consume, combined with an element of competition through the collection of points and display on leader boards.
Further incentives can be provided by offering prizes provided certain rules are followed.

The learning content can be hosted on the platform or the application can link to content hosted elsewhere.

Register Activity

The Register Activity functionality enables you to set up activities to help drive the adoption of new knowledge or processes. Multiple activities can be set up within a campaign. Learners simply record whenever an activity is completed and gain points each time. Activities can be weighted to drive behaviour to key activities.

Brand Academy – Learning, Quizzes and Surveys

Within the Brand Academy, Administrators can create programmes of bite-sized learning. This could be a quiz, started by sharing a video or piece of insight. It could be a survey, gathering data on how well a new process is being implemented. Quizzes can be set up to force repeats where certain criteria are not met or correct answers can be shared to enable learners to see where they went wrong and correct any misunderstanding. And of course, quizzes gather points which helps stimulate learning and adoption.

Brand Academy – Learning Content

The third area of the Brand Academy is for content delivery. This could be about new Products. Equally it could be titled Processes to introduce a new process throughout your teams. Administrators can create campaigns to suit any requirement. The learning content could be short videos played via the application, an infographic, an audio track or a PDF and there’s no limit to the duration of learning. The learner can also be directed through links to content which sit on other internal or external platforms.


The final section of the application is Messages.
This is where your Administrator or team Manager and learners can communicate with each other. For example, push notifications may be sent to start and promote campaigns, prompt for completion, and continue to engage and stimulate engagement with the various campaigns being delivered. The application notifications are shown as an alert in much the same way as Facebook Messenger or any other social media platform.


We can give your Administrator access to the platform, which could include team leaders.
You can then create your own content and campaigns or Amphigean could support with both of these activities. The platform enables Administrators to:

View the progress of campaigns,
teams and users

Manage users

Create campaigns and quizzes,
and load content

Manage messaging

Manage media for reuse,
and much more.


If you want to be able to set up and manage campaigns to drive business performance, then the Amphigean app gives you all the tools you need.
Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.


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