Tackling an organisation-wide challenge of security and information treatment by introducing process and understanding to a workforce, along with incentivising take-up.

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Phoenix group is the largest long-term savings and retirement company in the UK.

Its robust decision-making drives responsible investment, a strong sustainability strategy and enables long-lasting impact for their customers. They are focused on creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place to work, where everyone feels that they belong. They count their values; passion, responsibility, growth, courage and difference, as the foundation of their culture and success as a business.

With nearly 7,000 employees, the group counts a massive range of departments and teams within its workforce, each of which have their own systems and processes that are often as unique as their colleagues.


Phoenix was met with the challenges of End User Computing (EUC), in which applications are developed within the organisation as part of day-to-day activities.

Ideally, applications used within the group are developed by a dedicated ICT team and are built to meet specifications that keep information protected and secure against any attack or loss. In practice, EUCs were being regularly built and implemented by in-house teams and team members who find value in their use for productivity and efficiency in their work.

Phoenix were keen to make sure that colleagues who are producing any EUC do so with an understanding of proper processes and the rationale behind those processes, the requirement to assess and register EUCs and most importantly the adherence to policy related controls and standards. They wanted to give colleagues the information they needed to make the right decisions regarding EUCs and their treatment in a way that would encourage engagement, understanding and ultimate take-up.

Phoenix Group eLearning examples


Amphigean immediately understood the requirement for the solution and the complexity of the topic that it would cover. A plan for treatment was developed that prioritised content simplification to build understanding and learner buy-in from the first page and throughout the journey.

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The course structure was designed with take-up in mind as the learner was walked through key parts in under fifteen minutes to encourage maximum engagement.

Process was a critical part of the course and supporting infographic, identifying the reiterative nature of EUC development and facilitating informed change in that process.

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Phoenix Group eLearning examples

Focus was given to developing understanding and capacity for the definition of complex and critical applications.

Learners were given the information necessary to clearly understand the types of resources that could be created, and their importance within the organisation.

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An engaging and interesting journey in which learners are given interactive parts, videos and question-based learning opportunities to improve their understanding and ultimate decision-making skills on the topic.

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Significant learner take-up. Learners are given the incentive to implement proper process in EUC development and adhere to controls and standards.

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Better informed decision making. Future EUCs are built with improved comprehension.


Existing EUCs are assessed and registered. Potential opportunities for risk are identified and rectified.

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Complex and critical distinctions are made. Existing applications can be classified and properly handled.

Ross Hamilton, Phoenix Group

I’m Ross Hamilton, IT Risk Manager at Phoenix Group and I was part of the team who worked with Amphigean on the development of our End User Computing CBT module.

We had a very good working relationship with the Amphigean team who met with us on a regular basis and enthusiastically took on board our requirements while at the same time keeping us grounded in the reality of what actually works in terms of training users.

Their experience was invaluable and gave us confidence that the product that we were working on would tick all of the boxes in terms of the required training on this, for us, important topic.

The roll out of the CBT started in December 2023 and has been keenly taken up across the Group, reflecting the need that was there for training on EUCs. Feedback on the CBT has been positive with trainees commenting on the clarity and coverage of the presented information.

I’d happily recommend Amphigean to anyone looking for a CBT solution, their enthusiasm and professionalism made working with them a pleasure and ensured we got what we needed.




Our grasp on the complexity of the topic and the importance with which it is treated

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Our experience in treating content that relies heavily on proper structure for its best delivery, and our expertise in understanding how to develop that structure

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Our capacity for simplifying topics that can be intricate in a way that allows for maximum learner engagement and ultimate take-up


A team that excels in its skill diversity, with the resources to expertly address each and every part of an interesting and complex project