Amphigean Charity Partnership EducAid - Sierra Leone

Powering Education
in Sierra Leone

Amphigean are delighted that our most recent shipment of tech has arrived safely with our charity partner EducAid in Sierra Leone.

Amphigean Charity Partnership EducAid - Sierra Leone

EducAid is a charity that works to improve the education system in Sierra Leone. It manages independent schools and provides progressive teacher training to ensure that students receive quality education. The charity also works with local communities to provide support and resources for their educational needs.

A cause close to our hearts

Back in 2012, Amphigean Managing Director Pete Simpson’s eldest son went out to Sierra Leone to teach for EducAid for three months. Pete decided to join him for the final two weeks and got involved himself with writing lessons and activity books, and teaching children in both primary and secondary schools. It was an incredible experience that left a lasting impression on Pete.

Amphigean Charity Partnership

Amphigean have gone on to become a corporate partner and have supported the fantastic work of the charity in many ways ever since.

Financial Donations

We make regular financial donations to enable the charity to purchase essentials like food and to pay the local teachers.


Services in Kind

We worked with Miriam Mason-Sesay – the remarkable woman who set up the first EducAid school in Sierra Leone, to script and build two videos for the EducAid website and for use in presentations or indeed any other purpose.

Powering Education

One really important need the charity has, is access to technology, particularly phones and laptops, so whenever the team at Amphigean replace any tech, we clean it, securely wipe the discs and ship them out to Miriam and the team in Sierra Leone to put to good use.

Amphigean Charity Partnership EducAid - Sierra Leone

The most recent package for Amphigean Charity Partnership was put together in December for shipment in January. This was jam packed with tablets, laptops and phones. We like to make sure we fill the crate with any other useful things too, for instance reading books and clothes. This time we were delighted to have sourced two full football kits from a local team – Ibis Junior Football Club, Kendal.

Amphigean Charity Partnership EducAid - Sierra Leone

Fun Facts…

The package was shipped by Manor River Freight Services

The vessel it went on was called the Grande San Paulo.

It was shipped on 21st January 2023 and arrived in Freetown (Sierra Leone capital) on the 7th of February 2023 ready for collection on 14 February 2023.

“Having working ICT kit is so important and a lack of such kit is just one more way to be poor in this day and age. We work hard to do a high-quality job and without these tools, it is very difficult to be effective. We so appreciate Amphigean’s ongoing generosities and support.” #TogetherWeCan 🇸🇱💪🏽

says Miriam Mason-Sesay

“We love being able to support this fantastic charity and the amazing work of Miriam and her teams. We hope our latest shipment of tech will help to support the teachers and pupils in the EducAid schools for years to come.”

Says Pete Simpson, Managing Director of Amphigean.


Why not get involved with supporting this fantastic charity as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda?