Learning Awards 2023 Finalist

Amphigean is incredibly proud to announce that its client PDST Technology in Education has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2023 Learning Awards.

Its Digital Citizenship programme, designed and built by PDST Technology in Education, Webwise and Amphigean, has been shortlisted in the category People development programme of the year – Public Sector.

This is the very first time that our work has been considered for such a prestigious award. We couldn’t be happier to receive this recognition for our involvement in this superb, engaging and well-received programme.

Digital Citizenship involves having the ability to positively and actively engage in society through the use of digital technology. In order to become effective digital citizens, young people need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

An Introduction to Digital Citizenship Education is an online summer course for primary teachers on the topic of Digital Citizenship. Its aim is to provide teachers and school leaders with the skills and understanding they need to teach about Digital Citizenship and to foster a culture of Digital Citizenship in their schools.

We worked closely with PDST Technology in Education, and Webwise to create a vibrant look and feel to bring the content to life. The goal for the programme from the outset was in striking a balance between academic rigor required to maintain the integrity of the content, and the learning on application and classroom techniques best suited to spark thought and encourage engagement.

Programme success was demonstrated through teacher feedback:

99% said: “I am more confident in my ability to incorporate digital citizenship into my teaching”

98% said: “I have a better understanding of how digital citizenship can support learning”

96% said: “I am adopting new practices in my class to promote digital citizenship”

In fact, 66% of the 2,899 teachers trained to date, said they had informally shared their learning with colleagues, further extending the reach of the programme, with an 807% increase in the use of Webwise resources in the first year alone.


With a highly recommended commentary from the Schools Inspectorate (the programme received 5/5 on all assessed points) submission to the Learning Awards was an obvious one. Despite the huge number of submissions received by the Learning and Performance Institute for consideration, Digital Citizenship has been placed one of eight to receive the award next year.

Judging sessions, involving presentation of the programme will take place throughout November, with winners announced at the awards ceremony in February next year.

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director, commented:

“This is such an honour for our team and recognition for their outstanding capability and creativity. It also demonstrates the power of great professional collaboration achieving incredible outcomes. Well done to the PDST and Webwise teams! We can’t wait for the Awards ceremony in February.”

Madeleine Murray, National Coordinator CPD Design at PDST Technology in Education, commented:

“We were delighted to work with Amphigean on this very important course for teachers. They really brought the programme to life with their expertise in instructional and graphic design, helping to unpack digital citizenship as a concept for teachers. Both our PDST Technology in Education and our Webwise teams are in no doubt as to the pivotal role played by Amphigean in the success of this project.”

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this incredible achievement… and crossing your fingers that the Digital Citizenship programme might take top spot!

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