Employee engagement: get your team on board

Employee engagement is something every business strives for. It refers to how positive an employee’s relationship is with their organisation. 

Engagement is different from happiness or satisfaction. An engaged employee cares about both their work and the company. They’re committed to the organisation, its goals and values. 

High engagement means greater productivity, better customer service, and ultimately higher profits. 

With a dramatic increase in remote and hybrid-working, employee engagement has become even more important – and perhaps more difficult to achieve. So, how can businesses build engagement in a more isolated world? 

Consider their needs 

Think about what someone needs in their job and have the right tools in place for them from the start. Have all the applications and accesses they need to make doing their job straightforward. 

Easy access information 

What kind of information will they need? Make sure relevant material is easy to find, and in an accessible format. This helps employees find exactly what they need, quickly. 

Engaging, relevant training 

Training is an integral part of any job. But too often it can be dry and overly long, and viewed as a task not a benefit. Light-touch, engaging and relevant training, however, will boost and enhance knowledge and performance. 

Digital learning is an ideal partner for remote working. Not only can employees access training from anywhere, but they can revisit it any time they need a refresher. 

Quick reference resources 

Digital resources that employees can access any time are key to enhance online training. Think job aids, and user guides for common applications and activities. 

Support and networking 

Boost engagement further with personal contact and support. Add some online networking sessions, drop-in clinics or shared discussion forums. 

To be engaged, employees need to feel like part of their organisation. Making sure they’re supported and have easy access to the tools and training they need means you can keep teams connected, even when they’re apart. 

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