Expansion adds expertise

Amphigean has its roots in the Information, Communication and Technology sectors, where it has been operating for over 18 years. A number of years ago it embarked on a programme of expansion, seeking to support customers across a wide variety of verticals.  

The Board believed that its incredibly talented team of Instructional Designers, Authors and Graphic Designers could apply their skills equally to a Diversity and Inclusion programme as they could to the sales enablement content for the launch of a new technical product. 

In doing so, and by adding Business Development expertise, Amphigean now supports customers across automotive, healthcare, finance and banking, education, IT, software development, equipment vendors, brewers, transport, and utilities, as well as telecoms and communications. 

Along with that growth comes an increase in the number of projects, and in some cases more complexity as the breadth of project objectives expands. 

For this reason, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Anne Barnett as Project Manager at Amphigean. 

Anne has many years of experience in planning roles, in Retail, Maintenance and Production Planning operations here in the UK, as well as in China and Australia. 

“I’ve known Anne for many years. She has a calm and methodical approach to tasks and challenges and is highly organised, with a keen interest in Amphigean services and how they benefit customers. She will be a valued member of the team, helping to drive our vision of excellence in all that we do.”
Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director