Teaming up again… finally

After many months working remotely, only seeing each other on Teams, it was finally time for the Amphigean team to get back together. Or in some cases to meet for the very first time! 

Our team building activity days are all about spending time together outside the office – and, on this occasion, to properly welcome our new members of the team. It was fantastic to finally get to meet each other in person!  

For each team building day a different member of the team chooses the activity – and this time it was getting out and about at Cartmel racecourse, near Kendal, for a spot of Segway-ing. Filled with a mix of trepidation and excitement we gathered at the racecourse to meet up with Lakeland Segway, who ran the session. Kitted out in our helmets and safety gear, we lined up for a full afternoon of practice, obstacle courses, woodland adventures and countryside sightseeing. 

“The Segways were so much fun, turns out I was pretty good at using them too (nobody saw that coming…!) Everyone was really supportive of everyone else, especially if they felt nervous or fell, which was lovely to see 😊” 

  Katie, Content Author at Amphigean