Amphigean boosts its online delivery

Amphigean boosts its online delivery

Amphigean has partnered with Mevo Norway AS to add a new and innovative delivery capability to its suite of learning products and services.

Micro learning is the core focus of the Amphigean team, enabling learners to snack on content as and when they need it and now it can offer a cloud-based platform to deliver content in an engaging way to help drive the take up and importantly the application of learning.

The app is often used for sales programmes to embed content, drive sales, help demonstrate ROI and stimulate competition between individuals and teams, and it works equally well in all other types of programme.

It is designed to stimulate learning by delivering bite-sized content, which is easy to consume, combined with an element of competition through the collection of points and display on leader boards. Further incentives can be provided by offering prizes provided certain rules are followed. The learning content can be hosted on the platform or the application can link to content hosted elsewhere.

The app can be downloaded for use on Apple and Android devices and provides a cost-effective method of creating, delivering and measuring the effectiveness of training campaigns.

Users of the service can be given Administrator rights and use the platform to deliver their own content or can utilise the extensive services of the Amphigean team to help design, build and deliver their compelling programmes.

“We’re not a software developer and as such the build and management of learning platforms don’t form part of our strategy. However, helping our customers use best-in-class tools to deliver their business programmes is a significant part of what we do. The Mevo and Amphigean teams have been actively involved in discussions and testing for some time and there’s a real buzz that the platform can deliver Amphigean’s bite-size learning in an innovative way to help customers achieve their objectives.”

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director

“The Amphigean philosophy of making the complex simple goes right to the core of what we designed our Mevo platform to do. Learning through gamification is both great fun and great for business. We are very excited to see the Amphigean team putting their impressive skills into play on the MevoApp.

Kent Bråthen, Co-founder. Mevo Norway AS.

Interested? Then please get in touch. We will listen to your requirements, provide you with a demo and show you how it can work for your business. 

You can find out more about Amphigean services here.

Mevo Norway AS
You can find out more about Mevo here. 

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