Technology for the next generation

Next generation technology (NGN) looks set to transform the telecoms industry, along with the economy as a whole. NGN networks are packet-based that can transport all kinds of information and services related to voice, data, and video. These technological renovations are taking place in the telecommunication core and access networks that are being deployed over the next 10-15 years.

NGN networks are suitable for any category of customers including residential, corporate and wholesale in receiving a wide range of services over a single shared network. They have a more defined separation between the connectivity portion of the network and the services that run on top. This means that whenever a provider wants to enable a new service, they can do so by defining it directly at the service layer without considering the transport layer. Applications, including voice, increasingly tend to be independent of the access network, and will reside more on end-user devices e.g. phone, PC, and set-top box.

At Amphigean, we are launching a set of videos, to help demystify themes around NGN for telecoms customers. Techlites are short animated videos that are designed to simplify complex themes, while also being engaging and informative. These videos add to the comprehensive portfolio that we have already covering a wide range of topics on IT and communications technologies.

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‘The launch of these videos continues the ongoing expansion of our TechLite portfolio on IT and communications services. These videos are ideal for all roles within an organisation who need to gain confidence in using the acronyms and jargon associated with complex technical topics. At Amphigean that’s what we do – make the complex simple!’

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director.