Creating a knowledge network

Not long ago one of our long-term customers, Virgin Media, held an internal competition with the objective of stimulating innovative ideas to support business operations. A series of propositions were made. For Amphigean’s part, we were in dialogue with a Senior Programme Manager at Virgin, who had a concept and was seeking our assistance. On the back of these discussions we produced a package of demo content that involved a video script, storyboard and sample video for her pitch.

We were pleased to discover that her pitch was successful and we got the green light to proceed with a full project! Our remit was to design, develop and build a series of 12 animated videos to demystify how Virgin Media delivers services to its customers. The videos were divided into sets of three within four key areas. These were:

  • Connectivity
  • Mobile
  • Entertainment
  • Voice

The overarching goal here was to provide a coherent and consistent narrative of how Virgin’s network supports its customers in the use of Virgin products and services. The videos would enable a basic understanding of the journey a product takes through the network, in a more engaging manner than traditional training materials.

This content was aimed at all roles within Virgin Media, including managers and anyone changing roles internally. It was also designed to benefit consumer field technicians, call centre agents, new starters/graduates, and anyone needing a refresher course. In this way, the entire organisation would receive a useful overview of the network, with cost effective content that was easily accessible at any time on any device.

By better connecting Virgin Media’s staff to their products, we have helped to give them the confidence they need to enhance engagement and improve business outcomes. This is where we at Amphigean believe we come into our own. Not only do we have the technical expertise to interpret and convey complex topics in a simple way, we also have the authoring and graphic design capacity to produce engaging low-cost videos (and other materials) in short timescales.

‘I was so impressed at how the team at Amphigean worked through our reams of technical documentation to get to the essence of the message we wanted to get across.  They hit just the right mark for our non-technical audience and did it to an exceptional quality, to time and cost!  Great support from a great team, thank you.

Senior Programme Manager at Virgin Media.

Liaising with the Virgin Media team was a smooth process, and we aligned ourselves with their style and branding seamlessly. We were delighted with the feedback we received for the project, and if you feel your organisation would benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

‘This was a perfect project for Amphigean. Making the complex simple is one of our core USPs and demonstrating to anyone in Virgin Media how their network delivers their services in a robust and reliable way was exciting, to say the least. We’re really pleased with the feedback we got not just from our stakeholder within Virgin Media but also from the Leadership team,’

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director.