Is your platform familiar?

Mind the (knowledge) gap 

So, you’ve got your platform sorted (see our earlier blog here).  But just because you use an online tool daily, doesn’t mean your audience does. They may be signed up to a different tool, or perhaps don’t have access to one at all. 

It’s worth checking:

Can everyone access the platform?

Do they have the appropriate software or app on their device?  

If not, do they know how to download it? 

Have they used the tool before?  

How confident do they feel with all of the features?  

If they’re not confident, do they need training? 

If you think training is necessary, think about creating some quick how-to guides for your participants or hosts to refer to. Key things to cover are: 

Try to push the message that ‘if you don’t know, just ask’. We’re being forced to change habits of a lifetime and work in ways lots of us are not used to. Some people adapt quickly, others don’t.  

Stay tuned for future announcements about delivering training online.