Coping with Coronavirus

With so many of us now working from home, it is important to adapt to our new normal in a way that protects our physical and mental health. Whether we are introverts or extroverts (or somewhere in the middle), this sudden change in our lifestyles requires us to do everything we can to maintain our wellbeing and avoid cabin fever. 

At Amphigean, we have introduced a few changes to help us adjust. At the start of each day we have a group call to check in with each other and have a chat. This is something that is taken for granted in a normal office environment, but that human connection is put at risk with home working. That’s why the calls really help for a catch up, and as a first step in the fight against feeling isolated.  

We also have a daily ‘Quiz of the Day’ every afternoon, where we all tackle some online general knowledge questions in a group call. This is again a chance to chat to each other, have a laugh and take our minds off more serious matters.  

But of course we cannot and should not ignore the outside world completely, and that’s why the Amphigean Board provides a weekly Covid-19 update to employees, setting out its latest thinking on the crisis and what that means for the company. 

Even though we are no longer based in the office, this doesn’t mean we have abandoned our Better Health at Work scheme. Our Health Advocates have been keeping the company informed with great information on how to stay healthy at home, with some useful tips too. This has ranged from everything from sitting posture and work equipment, to exercise and mental health. We do this by having two Better Health calls a week, and employees are also encouraged to provide a weekly step count!  

We think that in challenging times, efforts like these help staff to stay connected and avoid feelings of isolation. We’re all in this together, and it’s important we pull each other through.

These are extraordinary times and the risk of isolation and worry are high. We’re trying to assist with a variety of activities where we can and I’m really impressed how the team is coping and supporting each other. We’re continuing to work with our customers, along with developing some exciting content which we’ll be launching soon and we’re investigating a number of new collaboration opportunities with our Partners.

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director