AI videos ready for launch

Amphigean announces the launch of a series of ten Techlites on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Techlites are short animated videos that are designed to simplify complex themes, while also being engaging and informative. 

We plan to make these videos publicly available as part of a wider move to bring our content into the public domain, and further details on this will be announced shortly. Our extensive experience within the telecoms sector tells us that customers in that field will find the techlites very helpful. However, with AI rapidly reaching all parts of the global economy, it’s clear that professionals in any industry need to be up to speed on the revolution it is having, and the possibilities it presents. 

Many of our customers are already integrating Artificial Intelligence into their products and services. In our private lives, AI is part of the furniture in ways we perhaps no longer notice, from search engines and online shopping, to video games and smart meters. Both private companies and public sector organisations are now able to absorb data from a huge variety of sources, and analyse them rapidly. These findings can be used to streamline production, customer service, and even recruitment.  

Our Artificial Intelligence Techlites cover the business sector, healthcare, finance and cybersecurity among others. If you’re interested in licensing these to use in your organisation, then contact us now and we can provide more details.  

“We at Amphigean are experts at demystifying technology and making the complex simple. The AI Techlites are a great addition to our comprehensive portfolio of Industry primer content and will meet the needs of our customers who are hungry for information about this game-changing technology.”

Pete Simpson, Managing Director