Our PowerPoint video training workshop is open for business

Our PowerPoint video training workshop is open for business

Amphigean is pleased to announce the launch of a two-day training workshop designed around the creation of effective and engaging PowerPoint videos. These low-cost videos are easy to distribute due to their compatibility with multiple platforms.  

Whenever we have presented our Agile Video Production with PowerPoint seminar, it has always been exceptionally well received. This was again the case at the recent Learning Technologies 2020 exhibition in London’s ExCel centre. 

Presented by our Creative Director Bryan Strange, who has 25 years of training experience, the seminar attracted an audience of 180 people despite a seating provision of only 60. The popularity of the subject was confirmed by the large footfall onto our stand afterward, where we were inundated with enthusiastic queries. 

Following on from this, our webinar on the same topic enjoyed a spike in registrations, proving that we’ve touched on an area with the potential for transforming the capability of many businesses and Learning and Development teams. For everyday workplace projects, it is entirely possible for companies who don’t have huge budgets and resources to produce their own quality animated videos. 

This is why Amphigean has decided to offer a step-by-step two-day training workshop on the same theme. The first day explores the anatomy of PowerPoint videos, and enable learners to better understand what can be achieved with them. Elements to consider in the drafting of scripts are examined, including messaging and tone. We also cover the development of a storyboard and the creation of animation effects. 

Day 2 explains how audio tracks can be added and edited using software tools and hardware. Tips are provided on how branding can be applied, and where to source and license suitable music. The day ends with the exploration of how the videos can be published as playable MP4s, with file size and compression also covered. 

We recommend that the workshop is extended by a further day. Day 3 is an optional extra session that allows learners to put the knowledge and skills they’ve gained into practice using their own in-house projects. They are helped to create animated videos and we offer appropriate guidance and feedback.  

With increasing demands on businesses to provide quality and cost-effective in-house training content, we at Amphigean know that there is a glaring opportunity for L&D teams to embrace the tools at their disposal. So if you feel that this workshop is something that your business could benefit from, feel free to get in touch. enquiries@amphigean.com 

PowerPoint is such a widely used tool, yet few users really appreciate its full capability. We rarely use it for presentations these days, but do utilise its powerful animation and video capability to create around 85% of our video content. While not quite the quality of a Star Wars animation, L&D teams can produce high-quality animated videos at a fraction of the cost and in much shorter timescales. If you’re not already utilising this capability, I’d highly recommend booking a workshop with our Creative Director, Bryan.’

Pete Simpson, Amphigean Managing Director. 

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