Amphigean socialises learning

Amphigean socialises learning

Our company website continues to evolve with our plans. Over the past six months, we have done much more with our blog page, adding a stream of articles explaining the events and projects that we are involved in. At Amphigean there’s always something happening, so we expect that the blog will be regularly updated in 2020.

When we talk to our customers and prospects they’re always interested to hear about our thoughts and views on all matters to do with learning, so we’ve decided to launch a new page on our website called Learn. We are filling this area with informative learning content and other supporting materials and tips, ideally suited to anyone working in, or new to, L&D.

Amphigean is an expert in creating short Explainer videos, and to help launch the new web page we’re sharing a whole series covering the basics of learning terminology and techniques – great for new starters in L&D. These include titles on:

– Learning Cycles
– Blended Learning
– Webinars and Virtual Classrooms
– Gamification
– Interactive Videos
– Podcasts
– Social Learning
– Content Delivery Platforms
– Micro and Macro Learning
– Workplace Learning
– Workshops

Each video takes only a few minutes to watch and demystifies the topic covered. Take a look at the new page here and let us know what you think, along with any other topics you’d like to see covered.

We’ve got some interesting content to follow over the next quarter including the ‘Learning Mythbuster’ – make sure you lookout for this post. And, we’ll shortly be moving the educational content from our blog page to this one so that you have all the reference material in one spot.

“We’re really pleased with this first series of videos covering topics about learning and are looking forward to sharing more of our findings and best practice on an ongoing basis. It’s great to be collaborating with like-minded people in a number of the leading institutions that focus on learning and development.” 

Nicola Morgan, Amphigean Author and head of educational research.

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