Best practice makes perfect for amphigean

Amphigean places great emphasis on using best-practice techniques to ensure that the learning programmes we develop meet our customers’ objectives. We are also keen to avoid standing still and ensure that our team attends training sessions and workshops to continue our development. 

Two of the amphigean group, Pete and Bryan, have completed a CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development) programme of learning on ‘Designing and Developing Digital and Blended Learning Solutions’. 

The course covered a range of topics including:  
– current digital technologies and their contribution to learning and development solutions 
– blended learning solutions which harness new technologies alongside more traditional approaches 
– designing and developing digital learning content efficiently, and learning how to ensure that it is engaging and effective  

One of the most affirmative outcomes of the programme was discovering that amphigean is already utilising best-practice throughout our design and development processes, and that we are providing effective solutions which deliver excellent results to our customers. 

By benchmarking ourselves against other organisations, we established that our processes are robust, while still being able to pick up valuable pointers around learner support and module formatting.   

“We think it’s important to get exposure to fresh inspiration for our content and for our methods.  

It has also afforded us an opportunity to check ourselves against the wider community of digital content creators, and to have our own best-practice approach reaffirmed.” 

Creative Director, Bryan Strange