Watch this space

Amphigean’s expansion is being seen on the ground, and we recently moved into a larger office (though in the same building). The riverside location is ideal for the predominantly Kendal-based team, and the new 140-square-metre office is fully fitted to deliver an excellent working environment.  

The space is sectioned into working teams, but there is also a recreation area for staff to unwind in comfort. We have added AV facilities, including a 60-inch smart TV for online meetings with remote members of the team and customers. 

Various members of the group helped with setting up the new office, from the painting of the brightly coloured beams to the installation of new equipment. The airier, light-filled environment has given staff a boost and everyone is positive about the future. 

“With the team expanding rapidly, it became apparent that we needed a bigger and better office space.

We were reluctant to change location as we feel it is perfect, so we were fortunate that a suitable site became available across the corridor, just when we needed it!” 

Director Dave Bowler.