Amphigean gets animated about PowerPoint

Creative Director Bryan Strange illustrates why this easily accessible software is perfect for video production 

Agile Video Production with PowerPoint may seem like a contradiction in terms but digital learning solutions company, Amphigean, is proving doubters wrong. 

For despite its legendary reputation for enabling “death by PowerPoint”, Bryan believes this versatile software has stayed current over three decades for good reason. Not least because of its impressive capabilities for creating engaging animations. 

“Amphigean’s company mantra is “Make the complex simple”,” explained Bryan, “and this is where PowerPoint proves the perfect partner for producing short, sharp, animated videos that are highly effective for bite-sized learning.” 

Videos are an invaluable learning resource in today’s fast-moving world where snacking on small chunks of information suits both attention spans and time constraints. They address varied learning styles and provide access to all. Adding audio means videos can work as a podcast for the visually impaired, whilst subtitles and animations aid those with hearing difficulties, or for whom English is a second language.  

But commissioning videos can be extremely expensive, running to many thousands of pounds, and companies may feel they don’t have the time or resources to create them in-house.  

But what if there was a cheaper and simpler way to make videos? Amphigean has the answer. 

“Most people have access to PowerPoint, and videos are easy to distribute due to their compatibility with multiple platforms,” said Bryan. “It’s software that most companies will almost certainly have, and that employees will already be familiar with. And it’s capable of the three key things required. You can embed audio (using simple software such as Audacity to record a script), add animation effects, and export and publish the finished product as a playable mp4 video. 

“Making a 1-2 minute video with PowerPoint can be quick and cost-effective, and if everything is done in-house, it’s also very easy to update.” 

Amphigean specialises in the design, build and delivery of digital content and learning programmes, therefore videos are a vital element of the solutions they create.  

“For complex projects it may well be necessary to outsource video production, as complicated commissions do require specific skills,” said Bryan. “We have a team of content authors, graphic designers and animators who, between them, acquire rapid comprehension of customers’ requirements and translate them into bite-sized content. 

“However for more straightforward projects in day to day business it is entirely possible for companies who don’t have the budget for that to produce their own quality, animated videos. My presentation at Learning Technologies provides a step-by-step guide to DIY video production with PowerPoint. Please come along and find out just how easy and cost effective it can be.” 

Bryan’s presentation, Agile Video Production with PowerPoint, is on Wednesday 13th, 10.15-10.45am in Theatre 8.